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Industrial Facilities
The Eurofoil plants offer many industrial possibilities, thus ensuring an efficient and simple solution for most requirements.
Through research projects and the exchange of best practices over the years, Eurofoil has learned to develop and manufacture aluminium foil and packaging products best suited to ensure customers’ product performance.

Eurofoil Aluminium has two world class manufacturing sites working together as a homogenous unit exclusively dedicated to the production of aluminium foil. The comprehensive product range offered by the two sites – in terms of capacity, widths and other technical specifications – brings a dependable answer to a broad range of specification demands.

Two foil stock manufacturing processes offer greater flexibility
Eurofoil uses two types of foil stock on its rolling units. Continuous casting (CC foil stock), is produced at Dudelange or Rugles and with > 75% coverage, we are ensured an autonomous and sustainable supply chain.Foil stock made through the direct chill casting and hot rolling process (DC foil stock) is ordered externally. This double sourcing provides flexibility and security.

Eurofoil Paper Coating is a leading supplier of plain, lacquered and printed metallised paper and foil laminates. It's world class facilities in Berlin house laminating and lacquering lines, metallisers, slitters and fully automated robot systems.