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Values & Commitments

The health & safety of our employees and partners is our top priority.
Safety at work, has been a key performance indicator for Eurofoil sites for many years.

All three manufacturing sites have obtained registration to OHSAS 18001, the internationally recognised system for Occupational Health and Safety Management:
Implementation of these standards at Eurofoil sites ensures that health & safety risks are managed with rigor and results in continuous improvement in our performance.

Good hygiene practices - the food and pharmaceutical industries demand guarantees of packaging hygiene.

Situated at the start of the supply chain, Eurofoil’ foil products meet mandatory standards on contact with foodstuffs. Furthermore, the company prides itself on good hygiene practices at its production facilities, in line with international food and pharmaceutical packaging standards.

We are committed to the environmental, economic and social responsibilities of doing business more sustainably to contribute to a better world, now and in the future.
To reconcile economic growth with safeguarding quality of life is a key concern for every company with a long-term perspective.
Eurofoil, is committed to a sustainable approach and provides its customers with clear answers concerning respect for the environment and the health of end users.

Eurofoil has an environmental management system based on standard ISO14001. At plant level, we have equipment that preserves air and groundwater quality and recycles all manufacturing scraps.

Eurofoil is fully committed to conduct each aspect of its business with integrity. Link to “Eurofoil Code of Conduct/Eurofoil Responsabilite Societale”. The Code is currently in the process of validation in Rugles by employee representatives (IRP-instances représentatives du personnel). As part of this commitment, Eurofoil expects from its suppliers the same ethical behaviour and compliance with the rule of law. Link to "Eurofoil‘s Suppliers Code of Conduct/Code de Conduite de Fournisseurs et Prestateurs externes”

We see ourselves as long-term business partners - working reliably and ethically for a sustainable business relationship. Eurofoil is passionate about the industry and is keen to promote aluminium foil and its applications. The company plays an active role in many initiatives undertaken by the profession on a European scale (EAFA, European Aluminium Foil Association).

We invest in innovation and aspire to be the preferred partner for our clients, working together to find solutions for the future. In the dedicated innovation centre and at the manufacturing sites, Eurofoil invests in a continuous Research and Development programme, working on the improvement of the existing range and the development of new, highly valuable innovative products in order to meet the constantly evolving needs of customers and markets.

Health, safety, quality, environment and energy commitments 2017/2018

Nos engagements santé, sécurité, qualité, environnement et énergie en 2017/2018