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Household Foil

Eurofoil manufactures and supplies household foil to re-winders in jumbo reels.

Flexibility & Reliability – With multi-plant, fully integrated production, the company offers a wide range of household foil specifications and features consistent and reliable supply. 

Food Contact – Eurofoil household foil meets mandatory standards on contact with foodstuffs. The company also prides itself on good hygiene practices at its production facilities, in line with international food packaging standards.

Unique & Versatile Properties – A unique combination of physical characteristics makes aluminium foil an essential material for household use:
  • Aluminium foil provides a total barrier to light, odour and moisture, thus making it ideal for the protection of sensitive food during cooking and storage;
  • It has unique mechanical properties as it is formable, strong and can be ‘dead folded’, which is beneficial when wrapping food;
  • Aluminium foil is an excellent conductor of heat and can withstand the highest temperatures encountered in cooking;
  • After it has been used, aluminium foil can be recycled or recovered in the form of energy.

Product Range – Eurofoil offers household foil in thicknesses from 9 to 20 micron

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