Converter foil

Assuring quality of Products and uniformity of Properties
To help customers optimise their manufacturing performance, Eurofoil is committed to producing high quality aluminium foil with predictable and consistent properties.
Continuous Improvement approach
The quality of the aluminium foil supplied benefits from our continuous improvement system - Lean Six Sigma. All Eurofoil employees are committed to continuous improvement of processes and performance. Regular audits are carried out. Corrective actions are taken to improve the consistency of quality during a given manufacturing process, from order to order and from plant to pl
Adapted industrial equipment
Eurofoil's industrial equipment is kept at the cutting edge of technology thanks to the modernisation efforts developed at both sites. Rolling mills and converting machines are equipped with in-line control systems to ensure flatness and precise foil thickness. In the same way, winding density and slitting quality are checked and adjusted in-line on the finishing machines - slitters and separat
Quality management system
Eurofoil has had a quality management system in place for many years. Both factories are ISO 9001 certified by accredited organisations.
Conformity of the delivered product guaranteed
There are many quality checks throughout the production process. Shipment release is dependent on the final one. In order to be released, the finished product must prove its conformity with the technical specifications. Measurements, carried out in accordance with current European standards, include foil dimensions (width, thickness), mechanical properties (tensile strength, elongation), wettability and unwinding for plain foils and other appropriate properties for coated/converted foil products.