Converter foil

Aluminium is 100% recyclable
  • Endlessly, without loss of quality
  • Recycling requires just 5% of the energy needed for primary aluminium

Aluminium foil = resource efficiency
  • Minimised quantity of packaging materials
  • Minimised consumption of energy (storage, transport)
  • Minimised wastage of food (high barrier properties, flexible format)

Saving resources upstream and recyclable at end of life

Sustainability of the Aluminium Industry in Europe – Facts and Figures
Since 2002, the European Aluminium Association has regularly reported on our industry's Sustainable Development Indicators (SDIs) to document the sector's efforts to be a competitive, environmentally friendly and growing industry. This data can be found at the following address:
EAA fact sheets

Environment Annual Report

Eurofoil Aluminium recycles 100% process scrap and works with clients to maximise the use of industrial client scrap.

We monitor and improve our ecological footprint year on year