Converter foil

Users of aluminium foil and packaging products need to be in complete control of their raw material supplies, in particular those who supply the automotive, food, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries where short lead times for heat exchangers and packaging materials are expected. In order to fulfil this need, Eurofoil continuously optimises production availability and the flexibility of its processes to offer short delivery lead-times and a rapid and reliable service.
Providing a full and responsive service
A dedicated Eurofoil service team made up of at least three individuals works with the customer and provides the most simple and appropriate answer: The account manager determines the most suitable offer The sales administrator is responsible for customer service on a daily basis The technical contact helps and advises on the optimal use of Eurofoil products
Offering the best lead times
The manufacturing infrastructure is designed to provide efficient and constant lead times. The logistic teams optimise machine capacity and plant flexibility. The effects of market uncertainties and fluctuations are managed and constantly improved lead times are offered. Another key advantage of Eurofoil is the internal production of foil stock thanks to the continuous casting process. Approximately 75% of the total production volume involves this process. It allows fast response and dependability of raw material supply thus reducing production delays.
Ensuring that delivery deadlines are met
By the time that a delivery date is confirmed to the customer, the whole chain of tasks necessary for production has already been planned and programmed. The status of each order can be checked in real time thanks to the information systems at each plant. Monitoring by the sales assistant and daily liaison between the planning and production teams help accomplish the tasks. Objective: delivery on time in full.
Supply Chain Solutions
Eurofoil has a variety of supply chain solutions adapted to customers and markets, we will be pleased to discuss your needs with you on an individual basis.