Flexible Packaging

Eurofoil is committed to producing good quality converter foil , with uniform characteristics; which ensure its runnability during converting at the customer’s site. Reduction of preparation time and removal of down time, due to breaks, are precious levers to maintain production rhythm and improve productivity. This is vital for packaging producers who must respond efficiently to increasingly fragmented demands and to the resulting number of short runs.
Food Contact
Eurofoil's converter foil meets mandatory standards on contact with foodstuffs. The company also prides itself on good hygiene practices at its production facilities, in line with international food and pharmaceutical packaging standards.
Unique & Versatile Properties
Converter foil is typically aimed at being used in flexible laminates where it is layered with other supporting material such as polymers or paper. A unique combination of physical characteristics makes aluminium foil an essential material for the flexible packaging industry:
  • As part of a laminate, an aluminium foil layer as thin as ≤ 6 microns acts as a barrier against gas and light and prolongs the shelf-life of sensitive and valuable foodstuffs or pharmaceutical and cosmetic goods;
  • It is highly formable and can also be ‘dead folded’, which is beneficial when embossing surface designs or wrapping;
  • Eurofoil foil is highly compatible with all kinds of converting operations: laminating, extrusion, lacquering, printing, embossing, and cutting;
  • The heat resistance and high thermal and electrical conductivity of aluminium can ease converting or filling processes;
  • The decorative potential of aluminium foil lends itself to strong shelf-appeal and striking pack design;
  • Aluminium foil helps meet source reduction and sustainability goals through the development of lightweight packaging. After it has been used, aluminium can be recycled or recovered in the form of energy.

Extensive Product Range
Eurofoil manufactures and supplies converter foil to specifications suitable for a wide range of flexible packaging:
  • Aseptic cartons
  • Wraps
  • Pouches
  • Retortable pouches
  • Bottle neck
  • Bottle capsule
  • Cheese foil
  • Push-thru blister
  • Cold formable blister
  • Laminated tubes
  • Lid
  • Thick lid – membrane


Eurofoil is a major producer of converter foil and strip for insulating applications.
Flexibility and Reliability
With multi-plant, fully integrated production, the company offers a wide range of foil specifications for industrial use and features consistent and reliable supply.
Eurofoil is committed to producing good quality converter foil, with uniform characteristics; that ensure its runnability during converting at the customer’s site.
Unique & Versatile Properties – Aluminium foil is a very effective insulating material;
  • It provides a complete barrier to light, moisture and gas, as well as magnetic waves;
  • It is resistant to corrosion and heat, with a reflective surface, and noise reduction properties
  • Its light weight and ease of conversion make it an ideal material for a wide range of insulation uses.
  • The foil layer in the laminate acts as a barrier to the oxygen that would help fuel a fire and therefore is a key component in fireproof doors and building panels or in fire walls for vehicles.

Aluminium foil is used in a range of building and roofing applications, notably as insulation in laminated panels and also as incombustible insulating material for pipe work and ducting. The adhesive tape used to fix and secure the laminated insulating material is also made with aluminium foil.
Product Range
Eurofoil manufactures and supplies converter foil to a wide range of specifications for
  • Insulating applications:
  • Insulation thin gauge
  • Insulation heavy gauge
  • Adhesive tape foil