Converter foil

The Dudelange plant located in Luxembourg is one of the two Eurofoil Aluminium plants.

The 1625mm wide rolling mill offers a comprehensive product range in terms of capacity, widths and technical specifications, and ensures the supply of high quality foil to customers in a range of sectors, including packaging, household foil, heat transfer and industrial applications such as insulation and pipes.

At Dudelange, the four continuous casters help recycle the internal scrap and ensure the autonomous supply of all foilstock raw material used on site.

The site also houses the headquarters of Eurofoil.
  • Converter Foil: a comprehensive product range in terms of capacity, widths (up to 1625mm), thicknesses (from 5.5 micron) and technical specifications for flexible packaging applications, food, pharmaceutical and aseptic, and also insulation applications
  • Household foil: in jumbo reels
  • Industrial Finstock

  • Dedicated Customer service team
  • Various supply chain solutions offered to the customer
  • The on-site continuous casting foil stock production ensures greater flexibility and security of raw material sourcing

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